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Awesome Celebrity Horror Movie Deaths


Before they became the A-listers that they are today, some of our most famous celebrities started off by acting in roles that you wouldn’t catch them in now. As is often common with most horror movies, nearly everyone dies, leaving the hero or heroine who saves the day by killing the villain. Some of the celebrities who carry big budget movies, almost individually breaking box office records, started off by playing these minor roles and suffering the same fate as do most budding actors by getting killed by the villain. It is interesting to see how far they have come especially given their current standings in the movie capital that is Hollywood.

In a YouTube video posted by Films Against Humanity, it is interesting to see how some of the famous stars today started off by getting killed in horror movies before they began playing the lead roles in big budget movies. Viggo Mortensen went up in flames in the third installment of the chainsaw massacre before the success that came later on in his career. A young Breckin Meyer fell to his death in Freddy’s dead: The final nightmare. In the same clip you can also see Buffy the vampire slayer where David Arquette, playing the role of a vampire, gets electrocuted. Mathew McConaughey, a successful actor in his own right today, gets chopped down by a plane in the Texas chainsaw massacre : The next generation. The beautiful Charlize Theron did not make it up to the end of Children of the corn III. Owen Wilson has had the leading role in some big budget movies but as a minor character he gets eaten alive by a giant snake in Anaconda.

Other famous actors today that got killed in horror movies before they became famous as seen in the clip include Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream 2, Jack Black in I still know what you did last summer, Eva Mendes in Children of the corn V and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Halloween H20. What do you think about their performances in these movies?

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