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Another reboot: bringing back Sister Act

New reboot sister act

Another day, another remake. This time they’re reworking the 1992 popular culture hit Sister Act. Flashback to the 90’s: the songs were all the rage, Whoopi Goldberg was queen of the screen and they gave us a sequel film — and then a Tony Award-winning musical. Back to 2015 — Disney is rebooting the magic and the project is currently in development, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
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The Internet is split when it comes to feelings about the most recent reboot (and there’s been a lot of these remakes lately) — some are all for it, some are deeply offended by the idea of messing with a musical legacy. Before everyone gets all bent out of shape, it should be noted that the writing team is made up of Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith and Karen McCullah — the folks that brought us Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s The Man. And though The Hollywood Reporter is calling it a remake — but it’s still possible this could end up coming out more like another sequel or just an addition to the franchise. It’s being backed by Disney and the producer is the same woman who put out the recent live-action Cinderella, Allison Shearmur — which earned $532 million worldwide. Back in ’92, the original Sister Act raked in $232 million worldwide. These are big numbers — and with numbers this big, they are usually good at putting projects like these in very capable hands. This early in the stages, everyone’s pretty tight-lipped about the film’s plot — but there’s still hope that Goldberg will be apart of the project in some capacity. Get excited; or don’t. Either way, we’ll leave you with this sweet clip from the original.

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