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Alexander Skarsgard explains why he went drag p.s. he’s big into Chung!


Swedish mega hottie Alexander Skarsgard worked what his mama gave him as a babely drag queen while attending the premier of his film, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, in California earlier this week. And because the media doesn’t get that sexuality is fluid and that dressing up like a woman doesn’t make you gay, trans, blah blah blah, the ultra hunk stepped forward to explain why he opted to sport a golden dress and BANGIN’ Hedwig-inspired wig to the event. “Well, as soon as I heard about it – the fact that we would do [the premiere] in San Francisco and our friends were going to host the screening and they were all going to show in drag – I was like, ‘I want to be part of that! I don’t want to be excluded from the fun.’” Alexa Chung’s main squeeze must have a newfound respect for the queens of the world, and admitted that his shimmery ensemble and glorious hair piece was very hot, itchy and painful. Premiere Of "The Diary Of A Teenage Girl" “They spent four hours helping me, a group of five,” he told People in an interview at the Cinema Society in New York City (no doubt he was shacking up with Chung that night eeeeeee!! *swoon*). “And they were so sweet and helpful. They were fantastic.” In the similar way that a baby vampire has a maker, a baby queen has a mother! According to the True Blood actor, his drag mama is called Mercedes, and his time spent beautifying with her was “an incredibly fun transformation.” Meanwhile, Skargard is head over heels with our most favourite British personality, which isn’t hard to believe since she’s the bomb. But like a gentleman, he’s keeping his lips sealed about their romance. When approached by a reporter who questioned him about Chung’s thoughts on her new man gearing up in drag, Skarsgard coyly replied, “Who?” OMG WE ARE DEAD! The days of shipping Alexa and Alex Turner are long behind us! As of today, it’s Alexa and Alex 2.0 all the way! chung

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