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A prince and a wizard: the secret story of hookups between Prince Harry and Emma Watson

Emma Watson and Prince Harry

There has been speculation of romance blooming between Prince Harry and actress Emma Watson this week. Whether this is a real life fairytale in the making or it’s just magical fiction is still to be actually confirmed. Australia’s Woman’s Day has inspired headlines all around the world after reporting Prince Harry has been secretly hooking up with UK’s sweetheart Emma Watson. “Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal the pair are having secret dates with each other and are getting to know each other quite well,” says the tabloid. Apparently, after hearing about her recent breakup with British Rugby player Matthew Janney, the Prince was all up and on that. The tabloid suggests he hauled in help from mutual friends to get this sweet ball rolling. It also ‘reported’ that the two went on some date with 12 friends because Prince Harry wanted to make Watson feel ‘more comfortable’. Not that we’re having coffee with Watson regularly, but we’re pretty sure as a self-identified feminist and smart girl, the Harry Potter legend could hold her own — but this is the story the Aussie publication is telling. And, of course, everything you read in tabloids must be true. Like that Big Foot sighting in 1993 and how every other actor has a love child. So, we believe it. (We don’t yet — but because this is starting to trend so hard, we felt like thehollywoodmag.com readers deserved to know that this was a hot topic.) What we do know for sure, is that Watson is still the perfect casting as Belle for the upcoming live-action Beauty And The Beast film. So, there’s that. Emma Watson and Prince Harry   UPDATE Feb. 22: Emma Watson has shut down this rumour with a simple Twitter update. Emma Watson We called that one.

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