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8 rappers that are hard to like as a feminist: lyrics that make women cringe

feat It’s a question I’ve been struggling with since high school: can a self-proclaimed feminist enjoy rap and hip-hop? The beats sound so good, but they say such wrong things. ‘Bitch’ gets tossed around like it’s nothing. To many rappers, it has become just another adjective used to describe the ‘hoes’ they are always ranting about. Yet I am guilty of listening to it, as are many of my intelligent and well-educated girlfriends. We’ve become desensitized to much of it. While I skip certain songs because they anger me too much (for example Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’), I have totally gotten down to 2 Chainz’ ‘Birthday Song’ at the club (hook: all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe). But there is always a little voice in my head reminding me that what I’m listening to is teaching a new generation of girls that their only value is tied to the size of their behinds and how well they perform sexually. I’ll even make excuses in my head like ‘this song gets me so pumped during my workout,’ but at the end of the day will I be okay with my future daughter listening to this BS? Hell no. This general acceptance we have of sexism in music is a problem. If fans of rap and hip-hop start demanding rappers show more respect to women then maybe we’ll see a change. But in the meantime that means not buying music and concert tickets, or even watching YouTube videos. So to remind myself, and my fellow rap-loving feminists, of why we need to boycott sexist musicians, here is a list of the very worst offenders. EXPLICIT LYRICAL CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNING AFTER THE JUMP.

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