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10 Movies that will make you appreciate your sister

movies about sisters Sometimes the greatest love stories that are told through screen and film don’t end with going out and finding another half in some messy romantic journey — instead, they’re about strengthening and realizing a connection you’ve had the whole time. They’re about the soulmate you grew up with, fought with, been frustrated with and came home to. Some of the best love stories out there are about sisters. With examples in the media like Orphan Black focusing more on connections and love between seestras than repeating the usual emphasis on a romantic interest — it reminds us that we’ve had love in our lives this whole time and inspires gratitude for the siblings that will always have our backs. Sister movies have various themes from adventures (both physical and emotional) to overcoming rivalries to realizing what it means to be apart of a family. It promotes the idea of love and loyalty and can provide examples to audiences about what that means through scenes. Of course, having a sister is a privilege not everyone is granted. But if you were fortunate enough to have one, older, younger, twin or clone (adopted or someone like a sister) — this list of 10 Movies that will make you appreciate your sister is about to provide an excellent film rec list for your next family night.witches Shall we?

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