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10 best life lessons from Pretty Woman

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It’s been 25 years since the world fell in love with iconic romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Back in 1990, this classic movie about a wealthy damaged business man (Richard Gere) falling in love with a hooker with a heart of gold hit the theatres giving audiences all the feels and earning Julia Roberts an Academy Award nomination. For its anniversary, the cast of Pretty Woman celebrated with a sweet reunion this week on the Today Show. TheHollywoodMag.com would also like to celebrate the feel-good-movie’s quarter-century anniversary by sharing The 10 best life lessons we learned from Pretty Woman. pretty woman 1. Everybody has a dream. And a lot of those people end up in Hollywood. The memorable crime scene at the beginning of the movie has a character welcoming folks by saying, “Welcome to Hollywood! Everybody’s got a dream. What’s your dream?buffet 2. If you’re having trouble making rent, the garnish station at a bar doubles as a feeding spot. Warning: a crusty bartender may disagree with this — like when Kit got told that the fruit she was piling onto a cocktail napkin was not from a buffet. elbow wrist 3. The length of your foot is the same as your elbow to your wrist. Vivian explains this to Edward after he picks her up on Hollywood Boulevard and leads him back to his hotel in Beverly Hills. strawberries 4. Not all prostitutes do drugs — instead, they value oral hygiene. When they excuse themselves to go to the bathrooms, they may not be doing bumps or rails like some (ahem, Edward) may assume — but they may actually be flossing. Because the seeds from strawberries can get stuck in your teeth (we also learned strawberries help bring out the flavour of champagne). shopping scene 5. Don’t judge people. Even if a woman shows up in your store wearing an outfit you deem distasteful, she may have pockets full of cash and be in search of a shopping montage. Judging her makes you a jerk and will be your big mistake. Big. Huge. dont tell friends 6. If you find yourself hiring a prostitute for a week and are bringing her to social events, it’s inappropriate to tell your friends your plus-one is a hooker. Especially if your friend is a notorious weasel. bath 7. 88 inches of therapy is life-changing. An intimate bath with legs (preferably belonging to a very attractive woman) wrapped around you can be a psychological breakthrough and benefit you more than $10,000 worth of therapy. Especially if you are ‘really angry at your father’. fairy tale 8. The bad stuff people say to you is easier to believe — but you too have special gifts. Wanting the fairy tale is okay, and you too deserve it. You do. the oprah 9. If it’s your first time going to see the opera and it’s really good — you might almost pee your pants. But don’t. It’s strongly advised you don’t — and you probably shouldn’t share this sentiment with fellow opera-goers. On the upside, if you have a really good time at the show — you may be able to persuade a work-a-holic to chill out with you barefoot in a park the following day. kiss on the mouth 10. If you’re trying to avoid attachment or feelings — don’t kiss on the mouth. In fact, if you’re entering the hooking profession — it’s advised by Kit De Luca not to ever kiss on the mouth. Because you will fall in love. Pretty Woman showed us so. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s time. There are so many gems in this movie that didn’t even make this list. You are depriving yourself. Richard Gere and Julia Robert’s chemistry was so incredible in this movie they pulled a Tom Hank’s and Meg Ryan by doing another rom com together — remember Runaway Bride? So happy 25th birthday, Pretty Woman. And thank you so much for existing.  

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